Medical Device Companies
           1.  Cardiva Medical, Inc.
Vascular closure devices after angioplasty
The Boomerang™ Wire System is licensed in Canada,
authorized for CE Marking in Europe, and registered in
Wins Prestigious 2006 Frost and Sullivan Award in U.S.

           2.  Renal Solutions, Inc.        
Was acquired by the world's largest hemodialysis
business provider, Fresenius, in Nov. 2007
Home kidney dialysis
Allient® System has been FDA-cleared to market and
distribute in the U.S. for the treatment of acute and
chronic renal failure

           3.  MedWaves Incorporated
Microwave catheter to cure heart arrhythmia & cancer
Received 510K approval from FDA for its General
Surgical uses in Dec. 2007
Has total of 12 issued patents (5 in U. S.; 2 in Europe;
1in China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong)

           4.  U-Systems, Inc.
Automated breast ultrasound cancer detection
SomoVu™, an Automated Breast Ultrasound System,
is the detection for women especially those with dense
breast tissue  

       Pharmaceutical Companies
           1.  Biokey, Inc.
Specialty Pharmaceutics; Oral Controlled Release
BK-101 has been FDA-cleared to market and distribute
in U.S.
Several products (BK-119, BK-123, BK-501) have been
submitting to FDA

           2.  VM Discovery, Inc.
Parallel Multi-Property drug design & optimization (VM
OptimizerTM) platform
Designed various efficacious compounds; VMD-30283
(combined phase 1/2 clinical trial ),VMD- 902 and C300
series (animal testing), VMD-8000 and VMD-700 series

           3.  GenePharm, Inc.
Specialty Pharmaceutics; Novel drug deliver system for
Skin barrier regeneration, Gel-Pad™ delivery vehicle,

    Antibody Companies
           1.   Epitomics, Inc.
Custom Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies
RabMabTM technology expands the monoclonal
antibody repertoire available for research, diagnostic
and therapeutic applications

           2.  Multispan, Inc.
One-Stop shop for GPCR reagents and antibody
Unique High-Expression (HExTM) technology platforms
Developed 320 cDNAs, 160 High-Quality cell based
assays and 10Hex stable cell lines (>1 million mol per
cell surface)

     Stem cell Company
           1.  StemCyte, Inc.
One of the largest donor umbilical cord blood stem cell
banks in the world
Umbilical cord blood stem cell transplantation and
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