Amkey Ventures, LLC.
Founded in 2001, Amkey Ventures, LLC ("Amkey") is a California-based VC firm, and our
mission is to identify investment opportunities by focusing on cutting-edge biomedical

Currently, Amkey manages 2 funds for Amkey Venture Capital, Inc., and Amkey Biotechnology
Venture Capital, Inc..  The portfolio companies include medical devices, drug development,
antibody, GPCR reagent and stem cell.

Our management team have extensive experience in creating technology,entrepreneurial
activity and operation of venture business.

Advisory team consists of top level experts in biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, patents and
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Portfolio companies latest acquisition news:
Renal Solutions, Inc., our home kidney dialysis medical device portfolio company, was
acquired by
the world's largest hemodialysis business provider, Fresenius in Nov. 2007.
The total acquisition price is around $200 million, which includes $160 million in cash, $30
million for milestone payment, and $10 million forgiven loan.

The detailed information is provided
in the press news release by Fresenius.